Erick Bouaziz is the person behind The Academy, a drug addiction rehabilitation, and treatment facility that he established as a way of celebrating his own success as a recovering drug addict. Nevertheless, his checkered past seems to always try to pull him down with false accusations in order to stop him and his mission of helping others who are in the lowest point of their lives. Despite the accusations, he continues with his mission in giving back to the society through assisting others in their battle against substance abuse.

Erick Bouaziz and The Academy

The Academy is a comprehensive and world-class drug rehabilitation facility that offers effective treatment against substance abuse and other types of addiction. There are over 15 treatment options that patients could undergo for their own recovery, making sure that it is long-term and downright effective. The $30,000 cost for the treatment will cover the 90-day stay of the patient and the overall cost of the comprehensive treatment program.

Customized Treatment per Patient

Erick Bouaziz knows the importance of dealing with different patients and creating a special and unique treatment plan for tangible results. On top of his top-of-the-line amenities and programs in the facility, Bouaziz is also diligently working in order to acquire multiple funds from the government in order to add more beds to The Academy. He aims to provide more assistance to patients and their families in need through expanding the facility and its resources. He continuously channels his energy through studies earning him the AS, CS, and CACCF degrees.

Erick Bouaziz is an inspiration in the field of drug addiction treatment and recovery. He turned his life around through putting a stop to his dependence and addiction to drugs. Most importantly, his work at The Academy gives him the inspiration and ongoing goal towards long-term recovery and helping others do the same.