The name Erick Bouaziz is such a controversial one if you look him up in the Internet for reference. Despite the numerous smear campaigns, he remains steadfast in his goals of achieving a drug-free and clean lifestyle. His success as a recovering drug addict is a subject of inspiration as well as envy among his enemies. However, it is more productive if you look at the brighter side of things and how they work out for Erick Bouaziz today.

Erick Bouaziz and Drug Addiction Recovery

One of the noteworthy things to know about this former drug addict is that he is now sober with a 5-year clean record in his portfolio. You would know how hard of a struggle it is to keep up with a 5-year sobriety if you are truly hooked to substance abuse and dependence. Successfully recovering from his drug addiction is just one of the many achievements of Erick Bouaziz but you would absolutely not see him brag about it.

Before the Recovery Starts

Erick Bouaziz went through the usual challenges and struggles that a recovering drug addict does. His fight against substance abuse is something that is more of a rollercoaster ride but he emerged victorious in the end. As a figure in the field of drug addiction recovery, his authority and efficiency in this field is rooted from his own experiences. He knows exactly how to help those people who went through the same path like he did and it is what makes his methods effective and long-term.

In the midst of the controversies and intrigues that seem to be perennially connected to his name, Erick Bouaziz remains a trusted figure in the field of drug addiction recovery and treatment. He welcomes everyone who is seeking for help and assistance during these trying times in their lives.