Erick Bouaziz is proud of his achievements as a recovering drug addict and despite his checkered past, he continuously strive to make things right. The former nightclub promoter is now 5-years sober and on the road to long-term and permanent recovery from substance abuse. His current goal is not only to ensure his own recovery but to help others on the same boat with his rehab facility, The Academy.

Erick Bouaziz and His Bout with Life

With a morally bankrupt past, Erick Bouaziz has his share of misgivings and his resolve to put a stop to his drug addiction earned him friends and enemies as well. One of the active smear campaigns that he encountered is the sexual assault allegation that aims to topple down everything that he has worked for in the drug rehab niche.

His Fight against Drug Addiction and Malicious Attacks

Erick Bouaziz struggles with the continuous temptation of going back to his old addictive habits but he rather channelled his energy to other productive activities such as his studies. He acquired the skills and knowledge through his ongoing education, allowing him to open The Academy, a treatment center for drug addicts. As an AS, CACCF, and CS, Bouaziz also aims to help the families of his patients, giving them the support to be effective support system for the recovering drug addict.

You can do a quick background check on Erick Bouaziz to know that all the defamatory claims against him are empty and baseless. All these came from his competitors in the business, trying hard to discredit him and stop his hard work.

Erick Bouaziz is indeed a controversial figure in the field of drug addiction rehab and recovery. Nevertheless, he continuously does his work in helping others with their treatment and becoming a blessing to these people and their families.